If you’re like me, you’re not looking forward to starting the process of finding a new job, and yet, there are times when it’s exactly the best thing to do. These five indicators encompass the most important reasons you should look for another job. Any one of these indicators may be enough to signal a change, but it’s often the case that you will agree with multiple.

1. You no longer believe in what you’re selling.

No matter what role you have at a company, you are a sales person. Maybe not directly, but you are still helping to sell a product or service. Do you believe in the company? Do you want the company to succeed? If you believe in your company’s product or service, then you will be excited about going to work, you will want the company to succeed, and this will in turn make you a more productive and valuable employee. Such employees are more likely to get promoted and receive recognition. If this doesn’t sound like you, then it’s time to find something else you can believe in.

2. You’re no longer fulfilled.

This one is important. Does your job empower you? Do you feel fulfilled in life? Even if we reach for early financial freedom, we still have many years of employment ahead of us. Years! That’s a lot of time to be spending doing something that you don’t like. There are many different career paths out there, so find out that makes you happy.

3. You’re no longer challenged.

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored at work. You could even have a lot of work to do, but if it’s not challenging enough, you’ll find yourself bored day in and day out. It’s important to continue to grow throughout life, whether that’s learning a new skill or hobby, and to find yourself outside of your comfort zone every now and then.

4. You want a raise.

Well, money talks. Sometimes we just need, or want, more money. Did your family recently grow? Do you want to buy a home? Or, even better yet, your expenses may stay the same, but perhaps you want to save more towards early financial freedom. So, when was the last time you got a raise, either due to an annual increase or a promotion? Often times, the only way to increase your compensation is to find another job. From my experience and those around me, you should be able to increase your pay by at least 10% either through an internal promotion or by finding another job entirely.

5. You just need a change.

This is more of an umbrella reason for all the other reasons it’s time to look for a new job. Sometimes we just need a change. It could be the location, environment, or life changes. Maybe you’d like to venture to another city, state, or even country. Is the building you work in depressing? Are your coworkers rude? These things may seem trivial to an outsider, but when it’s your daily situation and it’s not likely to improve, then it may be time to look elsewhere.

So, whatever the reason is, if you know in your gut that it is time to look for a new job, there’s no better time to start looking than right now. Of course, use your best judgment and try your best to keep your job search confidential. And, this goes without saying, but just to be clear, you will have better chances at finding a better job if you’re currently employed. So, stick to your current job, but be on the look-out for greener pastures.

Good luck!

5 Signs You Need a New Job