A Life of Saturdays - St. MaartenIf there was one day of the week that meant something to you, which one would it be?

For us, it’s Saturday.

Some of the most awe-inspiring, fantastic events of my life have fallen on a Saturday. Conversely, some of the worst possible nightmares I could have feared have also fallen on a Saturday. I married the most amazing woman I’ve ever known on a Saturday. My dad died on a Saturday.

Saturday for me is an idea. It’s a mental release, freeing you from controls. It’s you, standing out in the rain with your face toward the sky and arms out while drops of rain pelt you – completely immersed in life.

Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it hurts, but it’s you – living the life you want.

That got me thinking, “How could we live our life where every day was like a Saturday? How could we set our life up where we wouldn’t be dependent on a paycheck? How could we live on our terms?”

I’m not here to tell you what you SHOULD do. That’s up to you. I’m sharing our family’s journey to financial independence, early retirement, and living the life we’ve always dreamed.

Maybe we’d like to backpack the entire length of the Appalachian Trail for 3 months? Or maybe relaxing on the soft Plains of Abraham in Quebec City with a good book in the summer sounds enticing? How about dropping everything and traveling with close friends to some far-off, exotic place that we didn’t even know should be on our bucket list? Or… maybe we want to slow down for a bit, tend our garden, and spend quality time with family and friends?

Some have called this FIRE (Financially Independent Retired Early), which I like. To me, it alludes a fiery passion for life that everyone should strive for. For us, it’s slightly different. We’re working towards FIRE, but with another goal in mind.

We’re Seeking Saturdays.

Or put another way, seeking more days that immerse us in this remarkable life, exploring this vast world, tasting the flavors, for as long as we can, and doing it on our terms.  The end goal is to transform more days of the week into what we’d like them to be. To not be tied down to a job that’s not fulfilling our life goals and takes away from others that would enrich it (in spiritual and dollar terms).

We’ll focus on several topics on our journey, but our theme is:

  • Travel & Adventure.
  • Finance & Early Retirement.
  • Food & Flavors.
  • Living as long as possible with health, vigor, & purpose.

We hope you join us on this adventure. It’s an incredibly wide world out there full of wonders.

What are you living for?