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When Should You Call a Professional?

Today we bring you our first guest post! Our friend Mrs. Picky Pincher stopped by to answer an important question: When should you call a professional? For us, we love to fix things ourselves. Whether it’s a leaky toilet, replacing a pool pump, irrigation issues, or installing ceiling fans or lighting, we’re pretty handy at most things. It builds our personal skillsets, saves us a ton of money, and helps us build confidence in our abilities, but there are some jobs we feel more comfortable leaving to a professional. Anyways, take it away Mrs. Picky Pincher! ***** Bio: Mrs....

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Trail Life & Magic of Backpacking // Tickle Your Senses

Have you taken a true multi-night backpacking trip into the wild outdoors? The kind of trip where it’s just you (maybe some friends), your pack, some trekking poles, a trusty pair of hiking boots, and a grand sense of adventure? If you have, you’ve probably experienced the captivating magic of trail life. The range of emotions you feel during and after a big adventure spans from the tough lows up to magnificent highs, but the memory you take with you in the end is truly magical. In this 4-part series, I’m not going into the nuts and bolts of...

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3 Common Stressors (How to Conquer Them)

During the end of last year around the holidays and election I noticed so many people with terrible stress. I was starting to feel like there are a lot of miserable people surrounding us. I’m talking about co-workers, friends, drivers, pedestrians, shoppers, and even family! Why is that? No matter what happened politically or who died during the year, 2016 rocked for us. We continued our plan for financial independence, started walking daily before work, practiced stress-relieving yoga, and even took up salsa dancing! I know I’m being quick to judge since you can’t know everyone’s internal struggle and...

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Our “Average” Perfect Day (A Template)

What’s your idea of a perfect day? We all have incredible & remarkable days in our memory that we’d love to repeat many times over, but what about your average day? A day that you could live comfortably over and over with a smile on your face.  One that leaves you content and fulfilled. What comes to mind? Said another way, if you could design what a typical day would look like, what items would fill your schedule? Over the past year we’ve been pondering this same question as we discover new loves like salsa dancing, morning walks, yoga,...

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My Biggest Purchase Fail Ever – A Super Bicycle

Today’s fail post comes to you courtesy of Mr. Saturday’s younger 20-something-year-old self. (As opposed to Mrs. Saturday’s younger self, since she was exceedingly more responsible than me!) To start off with, Mr. Money Mustache would highly agree with me that we need to ride our bicycles more often. Cruising around in high-powered wheelchairs with cushy seats doesn’t make a lot of sense if you’re commuting a couple of miles. We could all work a little harder on this goal for sure. So back in the early 2000’s, I worked for a local electronics store which was 5.7 miles...

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How to Start Liking Beer // 1 Easy Step

I get it. I was right there with you when I was younger – I didn’t like beer. Hated it actually. It had this strange zing at the end of the flavor, along with all of that terrible carbonation. Bud Light, Michelob, Coors, Heineken. All gross no matter how many times I tried them. What I wanted was a sweet, flavored Zima Citrus! (lol) Or a wine cooler. (sophisticated right?) Or maybe some kind of mixed-drink concoction. Mudslide? Lynchburg Lemonade? Oh yeah. That’s where it was at. But beer? I would’ve been okay with it never being discovered in...

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2016 Year in Review: Focus Priorities & Renewal

Welcome to our year in review! While we didn’t have official goals on the books yet, these were some of the things we kept in mind that we wanted to accomplish and build on. For us, 2016 held a lot of excitement and personal growth. We are continually examining what can be better in our lives and what we truly want out of life. It’s exciting to look back and check things off our list that we accomplished, but it’s also interesting to see the things we wanted to do and either failed at or just didn’t get done....

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No Paychecks for the Rest of the Year (An Update!)

So… remember back in October/November when we decided not to receive a paycheck for the rest of the year? I sure do! In a way, it seems like ages ago. Only 3 months before that, we were throwing around the idea of getting serious about financial independence and early retirement. Then, the very next month, we pulled the trigger and put our plan in motion – we were shooting for early retirement. So back in 2015 (since we started so late in the year) we both together didn’t quite make it to max-out our 401ks – but we came...

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Our Plan for Financial Independence & Early Retirement

We’re getting out of the rat race. Would you like to join us? After slaving away many years for “the man” with no real goal in sight, we’ve decided – enough is enough. We’ve been inspired seeing several people well on their way to financial independence and early retirement (including some of our best friends). So finally, we’ve bit the bullet and crafted a solid plan for ourselves. It’s time to escape to a better life! That doesn’t mean we’ll reach it tomorrow, but we’re starting to see the big picture of how money can work for us and...

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No Paychecks for the Rest of the Year

What if you didn’t get your paycheck for the next 3 months? If you happen to be a dual-income family, what if both of you stopped receiving your paychecks for the next 3 months? That’s exactly what’s happening to us for the rest of the year – we’re not getting a paycheck deposited into our bank accounts, but – it’s part of our plan. Since we decided to go into full-on retirement savings mode (the accumulation phase) and max-out our 401ks and IRAs, the only way to do this starting late in the year (to get the maximum effect)...

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