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2016 Year in Review // Focus Priorities & Renewal

Welcome to our year in review! While we didn’t have official goals on the books yet, these were some of the things we kept in mind that we wanted to accomplish and build on. For us, 2016 held a lot of excitement and personal growth. We are continually examining what can be better in our lives and what we truly want out of life. It’s exciting to look back and check things off our list that we accomplished, but it’s also interesting to see the things we wanted to do and either failed at or just didn’t get done....

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No Paychecks for the Rest of the Year (An Update!)

So… remember back in October/November when we decided not to receive a paycheck for the rest of the year? I sure do! In a way, it seems like ages ago. Only 3 months before that, we were throwing around the idea of getting serious about financial independence and early retirement. Then, the very next month, we pulled the trigger and put our plan in motion – we were shooting for early retirement. So back in 2015 (since we started so late in the year) we both together didn’t quite make it to max-out our 401ks – but we came...

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Our Plan for Financial Independence & Early Retirement

We’re getting out of the rat race. Would you like to join us? After slaving away many years for “the man” with no real goal in sight, we’ve decided – enough is enough. We’ve been inspired seeing several people well on their way to financial independence and early retirement (including some of our best friends). So finally, we’ve bit the bullet and crafted a solid plan for ourselves. It’s time to escape to a better life! That doesn’t mean we’ll reach it tomorrow, but we’re starting to see the big picture of how money can work for us and...

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No Paychecks for the Rest of the Year

What if you didn’t get your paycheck for the next 3 months? If you happen to be a dual-income family, what if both of you stopped receiving your paychecks for the next 3 months? That’s exactly what’s happening to us for the rest of the year – we’re not getting a paycheck deposited into our bank accounts, but – it’s part of our plan. Since we decided to go into full-on retirement savings mode (the accumulation phase) and max-out our 401ks and IRAs, the only way to do this starting late in the year (to get the maximum effect)...

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Kick-Ass Morning Green Smoothie & Juice Recipe

Most mornings Mrs. Saturday and I rise, shine, and then whip together our kick-ass morning green smoothie recipe that keeps us powering through all the way to lunch. I consider this drink a “gift from the gods” — packed with incredible flavors and an insane amount of nutrition considering the variety and genius we’ve crammed into this one beverage. But hey, that’s just my opinion! Over the years, we started juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables and at some point along the way, we also started making smoothies with our wonderful Vitamix blender. Then something happened — a thought occurred...

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Travel Friends & Cheap Trips

Travel friends are your best friends. No, they don’t have to be your best friends in the life-sense (sometimes they are), but when it comes to cheap trips, traveling with friends = cheap vacations! So if you find yourself talking to someone that has a common interest like backpacking, or scuba diving, or downing a six pack of beer at the beach with half-naked girls while playing corn hole, or even sipping a steaming cup of coffee over a nice book with a view off the coast of Greece – keep them close because they are your secret weapon...

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But What If the Stock Market Crashes?

The stock market is going to crash. No doubt about it. It will be spectacular. It will be painful. And most assuredly – IT WILL CRASH. But that’s not a bad thing. (Also, it should not come as a surprise.) People have been investing money for quite a long time, and during those cycles of investment also come crashes. It’s the nature of the market. As much as governments and central banks would like to completely remove downturns in the market, you can be 100% sure at some time in the future the market will crash – again, again, and...

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Papaya Trees & Dividend Investing

Our papaya trees are falling over – and I couldn’t be happier. They are so top-heavy, they are literally dripping with fruit and begging us for support. Usually when a plant in the garden isn’t able to support itself, I let it die and something else comes in to occupy the space, but this is a very different situation indeed. When you have an investment that isn’t holding its own weight (pun) and constantly needs more resources and attention to survive, it’s usually time to pull the plug, but like I said, this is quite the opposite. Two years...

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Early Retirement Emergency & Friendly Competition

Have you ever had that “Holy shit, what am I doing!?!” kind of feeling about something really important? That was a recent revelation I had about the future. About my future. About my family’s future. This thought has been on the back-burner in my mind for quite a while, but never surfaced as fast as it did when a couple of our friends clued us in to their plan – they’re retiring in 5 years. Immediately I thought to myself “What?? How is that possible?” That sent a shock through me as they are only in their mid-40’s and...

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A Life of Saturdays

If there was one day of the week that meant something to you, which one would it be? For us, it’s Saturday. Some of the most awe-inspiring, fantastic events of my life have fallen on a Saturday. Conversely, some of the worst possible nightmares I could have feared have also fallen on a Saturday. I married the most amazing woman I’ve ever known on a Saturday. My dad died on a Saturday. Saturday for me is an idea. It’s a mental release, freeing you from controls. It’s you, standing out in the rain with your face toward the sky...

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