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Mid-Career Crisis & Stress – An Update

I’ve finally arrived at a turning point of my career. If you recall, three months ago, I predicted “One thing is certain – my career will be at a turning point within a couple of months” and sure enough, I’m starting a new job next week! The process to get to this point has been filled with stressful activities: research, job applications, phone interviews, in-person interviews, follow-up interviews, negotiations, deliberations, and ultimately, a resignation. The process took 6 months from start to finish. The result? I have decided to leave the industry I have known for the past ten...

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Give In To Your Food Cravings (Reasonably)

Mr. Saturday and I often get questions about how we stay fit and lean. It has a lot to do with our active lifestyle, but I want to share a secret with you – it has a lot to do with what we eat, too. I’m not talking about depriving yourself of the foods you love, and I’m also not talking about calorie counting. The trick is being able to eat what you crave, but modifying it so that it doesn’t include the extra, unnecessary fat, cholesterol, and sugar that will leave you feeling gross. By the way, did...

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Mid-Career Crisis & Stress

Has anyone else had a stressful beginning to 2017? At the end of last year, it hit me that I have less than ten years left of my corporate career, and I want to make the most of the rest of it. I’m having a mid-career crisis! In another blog post, I reflect on the top reasons it’s time to change jobs. Those reasons are relevant now as I realize that I want to change or advance in my career. First, increasing my pay will help us in our goals towards early retirement, but it’s more than that –...

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Find Your Happiness

Even when we’re dealt lemons, it’s important to strive to find some happiness. Life isn’t perfect, but it will be much more enjoyable and memorable if you can find internal happiness. I’m talking about forgiveness, acceptance, and fulfillment that lead to inner peace. There are always going to be negative influences that come into your life, but there are some avoidable ones to look out for – both for your happiness and the happiness of those around you. The first thing that comes to mind is avoiding dwelling on outcomes you can’t change or affect. Nothing is more frustrating for...

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A Trip to the Grocery Store with the Saturdays!

Mr. Saturday and I almost always go grocery shopping together. With my partner by my side, everything is more fun. Except, truth be told, this is one of the only things that drives us a little crazy. You see, Mr. Saturday would prefer to take a slow stroll through the grocery store while sipping on coffee, while I’m usually out in a flash, unless it’s a shoe or home improvement store… (Mr. Saturday note: I think she likes when I take my time, because she bolts over to the shoes & swimsuits and I can’t find her!) We already...

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Mini Retirements (Cheap Vacations)

This isn’t a waiting game – saving for retirement is also about the journey. So while we’re saving towards full retirement, Mr. Saturday and I enjoy cost-effective mini retirements along the way – in other words, cheap vacations! Mr. Saturday’s post about sharing vacations with friends and family is perhaps the best way to reduce expenses on vacation. Vacationing with other people allows you to cut your biggest expenses by at least half, such as your lodging and local transportation. We’ve certainly taken advantage of that. We now have multiple groups of people we like to travel with. The...

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5 Red Flags Screaming You Need a New Job

If you’re like me, you’re not looking forward to starting the process of finding a new job, and yet, there are times when it’s exactly the best thing to do. These five indicators encompass the most important reasons you should look for another job. Any one of these indicators may be enough to signal a change, but it’s often the case that you will agree with multiple. 1. You no longer believe in what you’re selling. No matter what role you have at a company, you are a sales person. Maybe not directly, but you are still helping to...

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The Power of Yoga Principles

Life is stressful. Sometimes it’s good stress and sometimes it’s bad stress, but either way, it’s stress on your mind and body. If you’re like me and Mr. Saturday, you might pack in everything possible into a short vacation. It’s no wonder we need vacations from our vacations! This is why I want to stress the importance of relaxation and reflection, which is what I think about when I hear “yoga.” It’s easy to get bogged down by all the many worries in today’s world: I’m going to be late for work! I need to get the patio screen...

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Living A Happy & Meaningful Life

Hello! Mrs. Saturday here. These last few months have been eye-opening and have made me want to live in the present as much as possible. So much so that I have this urge to drop everything with Mr. Saturday and go live in the mountains, or on a boat! Ok, so this might appear to be a mid-life crisis, but hopefully I’m still too young for one of those. I think you all would agree that nothing affects your life more than your health. Without your health, well, there is nothing else.  So my life was turned upside down...

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More Time for Mrs. Saturday

Hello! I’m Mrs. Saturday. We are excited to have you join us on our journey to early retirement! As the New Year approaches, many of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and it’s a good time to reaffirm your goals for the near future. I know one thing is for sure… my goals require lots of time! Is there ever enough time to the day, week, month, or year? Some of my previous New Year’s resolutions… Exercise more/get in shape Eat healthier Spend more time with family Spend more time with friends Start a garden Fix up...

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