When Should You Call a Professional?

When Should You Call a Professional?

Today we bring you our first guest post! Our friend Mrs. Picky Pincher stopped by to answer an important question: When should you call a professional? For us, we love to fix things ourselves. Whether it's a leaky toilet, replacing a pool pump, irrigation issues, or...

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Mid-Career Crisis & Stress

Mid-Career Crisis & Stress

Has anyone else had a stressful beginning to 2017? At the end of last year, it hit me that I have less than ten years left of my corporate career, and I want to make the most of the rest of it. I’m having a mid-career crisis! In another blog post, I reflect on the top...

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Find Your Happiness

Find Your Happiness

Even when we’re dealt lemons, it’s important to strive to find some happiness. Life isn’t perfect, but it will be much more enjoyable and memorable if you can find internal happiness. I’m talking about forgiveness, acceptance, and fulfillment that lead to inner peace....

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Mini Retirements (Cheap Vacations)

Mini Retirements (Cheap Vacations)

This isn’t a waiting game – saving for retirement is also about the journey. So while we’re saving towards full retirement, Mr. Saturday and I enjoy cost-effective mini retirements along the way – in other words, cheap vacations! Mr. Saturday’s post about sharing...

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