What’s your idea of a perfect day?

We all have incredible & remarkable days in our memory that we’d love to repeat many times over, but what about your average day? A day that you could live comfortably over and over with a smile on your face.  One that leaves you content and fulfilled.

What comes to mind?

Funny meme of perfect date from Miss Congeniality

Somehow this popped in my head!

Said another way, if you could design what a typical day would look like, what items would fill your schedule?

Over the past year we’ve been pondering this same question as we discover new loves like salsa dancing, morning walks, yoga, and our awesome hammock adventures. We’ve been having a blast learning many new things, but we also keep other activities that center us. It’s important to us to get back into the frame of mind that fulfills us and gives our soul a smile.  🙂

In any case, given the choice, there are so many things that would make our list of things we love and also things we could do frequently. If I had to try to whittle down the list and fit it into a single day it wouldn’t be possible. Instead, here’s a rough idea of what Our “Average” Perfect Day would look like with categories of things:

Template of what our perfect day would look like

(one day I’ll have to do a weekly schedule like Root of Good)

I’m sure this will look totally different depending on where in the world we are, but I could see this as a great template to work around. From this simple schedule, you can glean a few key benefits:

  • At least 8 hours of sleep
  • 1 hour of enjoyable exercise & fresh air (in the morning)
  • 30 minutes of stress-relief & range of motion
  • 2 hours of enjoyable exercise & learning (in the evening)
  • 30 minutes of wind-down before bed
  • And most importantly – LOTS OF FLEXIBILITY & FREEDOM!

Did you notice how a large chunk of the day is a choice between: FUN, FRIENDS, RELAX, & WORK?

Looks like heaven to me!

There’s a bunch of hours in there where we could really do anything we’d like even if it falls under the category of “work.” We could have a life of all play, but work can also be a tool that expands our creativity and builds more skills for our personal toolkit. Another great option is maybe we can use some of that time to help others? Wouldn’t that add to a fulfilling life?

Financial freedom would give us these choices.

Retiring early is such a draw for us but we always have to remind ourselves that we need to retire TO something and not FROM something. If we can start putting what we truly love into our schedule, the transition from working life to “retired” life will be so smooth!

What it comes down to is replacing traditional work hours of the day with a mix of fun, personal growth, and work that we actually enjoy. Every day won’t always be amazing but if the majority can be, then sign us up!

We’re so ready, but of course we have to get there first!

What would your perfect day look like?