Our papaya trees are falling over – and I couldn’t be happier.

They are so top-heavy, they are literally dripping with fruit and begging us for support. Usually when a plant in the garden isn’t able to support itself, I let it die and something else comes in to occupy the space, but this is a very different situation indeed.

Staking Papaya Trees for Support

When you have an investment that isn’t holding its own weight (pun) and constantly needs more resources and attention to survive, it’s usually time to pull the plug, but like I said, this is quite the opposite.

Two years ago, it was a problem I had been hoping and wishing for and now it has finally happened. You plant a seed, give it everything it needs to grow, put it in an environment conducive to growth, and it grows!

Actually, it was even better than that! We didn’t even plant these seeds. They were thrown out into the compost and, given enough time and opportunity, they worked their way upwards into position and we didn’t have just one – we had a handful of volunteers come up that decided to bear fruit!

Imagine if investments worked that way for you.

Actually, that’s exactly what they should do.

Imagine though, having a super investment that outperforms most others. This is an investment that continually grows, matures, and finally starts making so much money that the money (fruit) starts weighing it down. What happens then?

It’s time to pick the fruit (your dividends), allow more fruit to grow, and either reinvest those dividends, enjoy them heartily, or go ahead and do both!

Green Picked Papayas

Hello, I’m a papaya tree and I’m here to give you wonderful flavors and save you money!

Fruit trees can be amazing investment opportunities (given the right circumstances) that will continue to give you rewards for several years to come. Just from observing the natural world, I love how you can get an investment lesson right out your back door in your garden.


How to Make Money (As Explained in the Garden)

  • Pick the right climate, location, and timing for your plant to grow – (your business plan)
  • Prepare the area with the nutrients necessary for it to grow – (ideas & preparation)
  • Plant a seed – (seed money, ha!)
  • Water it regularly – (work on it)
  • Give it time to grow and establish – (building the business)
  • Harvest the fruits & reinvest – (road to success!)

Instead of fruit trees though, think in terms of financial instruments. Sounds like a basic template to make money with dividend investing doesn’t it?

Ripe Papayas with Seeds

These papaya seeds have the ability to keep producing more fruit dividends for you!

There are several other “investments” around our garden that operate in the same exact way. Not all plants are the same. Some plants require much different environments, different resources, a different amount of time. Some are perennial (year-round) and some are annual (seasonal).

It’s amazing what you can learn in a garden.

Do you have anything growing in your garden that’s bearing fruit?